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Diingatkan, blog ni akan citer pasal me. Pasal kecomelan me, kepandaian me, kehebatan me. Akan ada entry yang menunjukkan
keriakkan me, kesombongan me, ... Segalanya about me, me, me dan me... The world does revolves around me, thingin'. Kot ada yang rasa geli-geli, meluat bila baca, me cadangkan, baik tutup jer window ni ye... Karang tak pasal-pasal korang muntah hijau plak... Anyway... pada yang tak kisah untuk muntah hijau... selamat membaca...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pasal... No More Love?


This here Rough Edge
Terry Lee,S-G TO M-Y
You feel me when you talk to much
And I had enough cinta (cinta)
But you talk too much
And I had enough cinta (cinta)

Do you remember the time when
We used to get along
I know that you can't forget
I never did you wrong
And even though I tried to
Get it to your head
Baby a point was not to tell
There's nothing I could do

Picture me shopping,spending,wining and climbing
I'm climbing but I can't reach the top
Baby I'm sick and tired of you lending me on
I think I'll be going I know I better stop

Tiada lagi cinta
That means no more love for me
Sayang.....ku tak mahu
Darling I don't want you
Tiada lagi cinta,tak perlukan cinta
Atau kasih mesra
Shorty.....you feel me

Do you remember the late nights
Car rides you and me
I know that you might forget
That's ok with me
You took my heart away
But I couldn't survive
But here I am now
I'm alright,baby I'm alive

Sayang ku tak mahu
Baby I don't want you
I need you no more
Baby there's no more love
No love no for schizo oh....

What's the ice clock for you got no time
What's the points of fast cars if you count red lights
Shorty let her two two time,but she won't take mine
I'm popping pipelines,like my borderline
Got too caught in it,pop back your back in it

I'm thinking done I'm done with it,I'm throwing the towel in it
No sake to stay with it,'Cos you talk too much
And it ain't my fault,that you lost your touch
So it's no more love,no more VIP
No more late night knocking 'cos you're bothering me
And I'm staying clear,'cos your loves live wire
I'm looking for something higher like Sarah Maya

I'm looking for new things on the lighter side of white
Even though you look hot,you the wrong side of right
I don't care how tight,I don't ca


Aan Andes said...

Hahaha lagu kegemaran me dulu. OMG zaman bila la ni.. Derang pun dah tatau apa jadi

Nurul Aznil said...

Sirius minat lagu nie? kui kui kui...
lirik dia bagus sebenarnya :D
tapi tak jumpa la plak youtube depa...

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