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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pasal... Pregnant dan Cabut Gigi


Maybe ada yg tatau. Maybe ramai yg blessed tak kena dugaan ni. Tapi ada yg kena, mcm me... So meh kita tgk, apa kata mereka yg dah pernah kena...

Wisdom teeth extraction while pregnant?

March 2003

I am scheduled for wisdom tooth removal in early April. The wisdom tooth-ache problem came up suddenly, right in the middle of our attempts to conceive! Now, I may already be pregnant, or may become pregnant by April (if we do not stop trying). The doc says that if I am pregnant at the time of the surgery, he will only give me local anesthesia, so I will be awake. If I am not pregnant, I can be ''asleep'' for the procedure (the best case scenario for me personally). Has anyone ever had their wisdom teeth removed while pregnant? How did you cope? Is it better to postpone conceiving (If we haven't yet) till after the surgery? Any advice or suggestions welcome. Thank you, Pregnant (maybe) and in pain

Call around and find someone good who can extract your wisdom tooth ASAP and not make you wait until April, or pressure (beg or bug) your current dentist about this. Several reasons to have it done while non-pregnant, in addition to the anesthesia reason you identified: 1) you'll be in pain after the surgery, and it would be nice to be able to take some heavy duty painkillers w/o worry about harming a fetus; 2) you may feel prety crummy during the initial stage of pregnancy, so why do something else that will only add to your discomfort? My first trimester was awful, and if anyone had suggested I get a tooth extracted, I would have probably shot myself. 3) if anything happens - and miscarriages early on are SO common - you'll be wondering if the procedure had anything to do with it. Fran
Hi, I had a similar situation, we were trying to get pregnant but i had to get my teeth out. My advice is GET THEM OUT FIRST! if you're not preg this month, make an appt asap and get them out then get back to trying. You could always get the appt first and cancel if it turns out you are pregnant since it is hard to get appts sometimes... You could get an infection or something (if you delay) while you are pregnant which would necessitate anti-biotics and getting them out thru more painful local drugs which is not fun! And if you are planning on breastfeeding that could delay your surgery further! I have had a lot of problems w/ my teeth, and infections from the wisdom teeth are an awful pain you don't want while you are pregnant! You want to be as healthy as possible while you are pregnant and that includes your teeth! good luck! stacy
Two notes: first, why not have the surgery *now* when you know you're not pregnant? That way, you don't have to even contemplate the surgery-while-pregnant scenario. Perhaps your oral surgeon could put you on the cancellation list or you could seek out another surgeon. Second, I had my wisdom teeth removed while mostly awake (a little demerol, a little nitrous, but kept hearing him say, ''A little wider, Jennifer'') and with local anesthetic. Unpleasant but bearable. I'm not sure if if your hesitation is related to a phobia about dentistry or just a presumption that wisdom tooth surgery is always done while asleep. Good luck with your decision. Jennie



Noy said...

preggy ker?comgrats...
I had terrible wisdom tooth ache when i was 5 months pregnant..sakit sangat2x cos both wisdom tooth nak tumbuh and another 2 decayed teeth near to the growing wisdom teeth..Good thing for antibiotic,Augmentin..After 2 hari,gigi tak sakit lagi..Few months after delivery, i went for surgical extraction of all 4 teeth

Noy said...

correction...bukan augmentin..Amoxycillin

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