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Friday, October 12, 2012

Pasal... Some-sort-of-Ketumbuhan


Did I tell you?
Macam tak saja.

ZwanZwan if going for a minor operation to remove some-sort-of-ketumbuhan next Monday.

Initial plan was for him to be admitted on Sunday night then the operation will take place Monday morning.

I was so kan-cheong to think that I have take care of both Eiman and Elia alone!

Worst, to drive the car alone with them. I've done it before, once! And it was terrible! Elia was crying after only 5 minutes. I have to hold the steering wheel with one hand and the other hand main cak-cilut with her. I had to drive fast, wanted to arrive early. Thank god, nothing bad happen. And thank god again Eiman was so behaved!

My plan was, all of us go to the hospital on Sunday night, then after ZwanZwan had settle down, we go home. Next early morning, I will drive the kids to MamaRuby's house then I meet up with ZwanZwan at the hospital. Stay there and see what are the verdict and check out. Fetch the kids and we're back to our normal routine.

HOWEVER, ZwanZwan called before Friday prayer time today, said that his company does not support any 'bermalam' in the hospital bill. So have to go for day operation loh! THANK GOD!

Penat otak Ai pk plan tu semua tau! Cis~

Anyway, get-well gifts are welcome :D

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