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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pasal... "Why you want to go ah~?"


This morning after settling down at my place in the office, I was bombarded with a question from the other staffs that know the 'news' just today. 

"Why you want to go ah~?"  

My answer was simple, "I have over 10 years of admin experience. You give me an option between Customer Service and Administrative job. Which one in your right mind, would I chose?"

Thought 1 CS did told me CS and Admin are the same, I can only look at her and smile. Similarity in a small area, yes, but I think she does not entitle to made that kind of statement since she had no experience as an Admin. 

YES I know, an Admin is a simple job. Everybody can do it. But not everybody love to do it. 

So here I am, counting down my days in JenGJOBS before moving to another office with fewer people but with new challenges! I do pray I won't 'keluar mulut singa, masuk mulut naga', insyaAllah tidak...

pic from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maleficent

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