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Friday, March 12, 2010

Pasal... Soalan-Soalan Mawooot


Berikut adalah soalan-soalan maut menjerut leher yang ditanya kepada me sepanjang musim mengelupur cari kerja kali ni...

1. What would your previous employer say about you?
=> "She's really fond of food. I never see her with out food". (then I laughed). I think, my old boss would says, "She's a fun person to work with. Hardworking. Can crack up a couple of jokes to light up the mood in stress time".

2. What can you bring to this company?
=> A couple pound of extra fat? (then I laughed... again). I do believe, my almost 9 years experiences can be put in good use for this company. For example bla bla bla bla...

3. How can you make this company better?
=> By imposing no dress code? (a nervous chuck). All I know it that, when I do my work, everything else will fall gracefully in their places. Like a simple thing of making sure the coffee are in stock, it can trigger a big impact. Let say our programmers has work late last night. They come in the morning and we're out of coffee. Can you imagine how 'bum' they will be? Then they lost their mood to work. Now we all 'bum'.

4. What are your strong qualities?
=> I know I can work nicely in multicultural, multiracial environment. I do put a separator border between personal and work. I also always finish up my given jobs before deadline so I have time to do any amendment or corrections.

5. What about your weaknesses?
=> I'm kind of soft to my colleague. Previously some of them asked my help with their works then claim it as their own.

6. Why do you think we should hire you? (HATE this Q!!!)
=> From the answers I gave you before I think , NO, I do KNOW that I can fulfill the job requirement and ......
(The last time an interviewee asked me this Q, I asked her back, "Why do You think I can fit to work with your company?" I end up working to that company for 6 marvelous years...)

pic from: http://cdn.mashable.com


adha said...

kelako la wei gmbo tu.. kah3... dr jauh da nampak nenen dia...

** takziah for ur SIL...

Nurul Aznil said...

Adha - tu nenen beso sbb kerap brestfeed dan rajin pam susu... maka si kembar membesar dengan jayanya... takyah plastik surgery semua :P

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